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Early stage funding across the life Science and Healthcare spectrum




Sky Ventures Group has a multi-step process to screen and evaluate potential investment opportunities.


Phase 1Submission - The first step to enter the investment process is to submit an executive summary, investor presentation and financial projections. If there is sufficient interest to go forward, the company will be notified.


Phase 2 Screening committee - Our team will conduct an initial screening of your application to ensure it is within our scope of interest. Once an initial interest is identified, the company will be invited to present at a screening committee meeting.


Phase 3 Presentation The company will present at one of the members forums and the members will decide whether to proceed with due diligence.


Phase 4 - Due Diligence Process - A due diligence team, led by a deal leader is created to evaluate and negotiate deal terms.


Phase 5Funding- If there is a mutual interest and both sides agree on the terms,

those members who wish, will invest.


those members who wish to, will invest.



Before applying, please review this site's information for entrepreneurs, particularly Investment interests,

Criteria and Process.


If you are applying for funding please click here.




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