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Help Grow Promising Companies




At Sky Ventures Group, investors have access to potentially great investment opportunities that are vetted, mentored and advised by our member network. Our members collaborate on due diligence but make individual investment decisions. Early stage companies present to the Sky Ventures Group members through forums held in Boston. Any company presenting to the members for investment will have passed a preliminary screening process led by our screening committee. 

Our meetings offer great opportunities to meet entrepreneurs, discuss the presenting companies among peers, meet strategic partners and learn more about market trends, technology and professional topics.

Early-stage funding is a risky business, but offers the potential for high return on investment, in addition to providing an opportunity to mentor entrepreneurs and help grow promising companies that may change our lives. We are selective both in our investments and our choice of partners. Investors interested in joining Sky Ventures Group should contact Eyal Geffen at or contact a member of the group to arrange a preliminary meeting.






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